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Monday, 28 October 2013

Trading Places:- Who Should Move Where

The NFL trade deadline is tomorrow and traditionally very little happens on deadline day due to the difficulties of players picking up a new system mid-season. But if this were a "Madden" league there are more than a few players that would be getting talked about very seriously. So who could, and maybe should, go where?

If you agree, disagree or think we missed out a trade you'd like to see your team make before the deadline tomorrow let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook

Larry Fitzgerald to New England for Aaron Dobson, a 2014 1st round and 2015 2nd round pick

Tom Brady's hand doesn't look right, and nor do his passes. But looking beyond just this season his "window" is closing now, he'll be 37 before next season starts and this current crop of receivers just aren't going to produce a consistent number 1 threat quickly, if at all. Throw Larry Fitzgerald in there with a healthy Rob Gronkowski and the Amendola/Edelman combo and you have the makings of something verging on the '07-'12 passing attack. As long as Brady's hand isn't completely destroyed that is.

Tony Gonzalez to Kansas City for a 2014 5th round pick

This just makes too much sense both from a on the field perspective and as an off the field one. How great would it be to see Gonzalez back in Arrowhead and making a run with the Chiefs? Sure, they don't look like having the offense to go toe-to-toe with Denver or do much harm against Seattle & San Francisco, but Gonzalez would provide a serious upgrade for them at tight end and can finish up his career taking one more run at the Lombardi Trophy with the team that drafted him all the way back when Peyton Manning was still playing for Tennessee.

Jared Allen to Denver for a 2014 3rd round pick

Von Miller is back, but Denver are missing the other half of their 2012 pass rush that made the defense so deadly last year. So why not go and grab Jared Allen for the rest of the year? Minnesota aren't going anywhere this year and are very unlikely to want to retain Allen's rather expensive services. Denver have a lot of issues in the secondary but it can always be risky plugging a new piece into the defensive backfield, one missed assignment can cost you 7 points, the risks of putting Jared Allen at right defensive end though? Well they only exist to the opposing quarterback. Denver are always going to force other teams to throw a lot, so why not unleash one of the best pass rushers of the last 10 years across from one of the best young QB hunters in the game?

Josh Gordon to Carolina for a 2014 3rd round pick

Carolina's defense has been quietly fantastic this year, especially the front seven. While they could use some secondary help there just isn't that much out there, there is however some space across from Steve Smith that could do with being filled. Josh Gordon has been spectacular in between his off-field issues for Cleveland. One more strike and he faces a year suspension, but the benefits of having someone on the other side of Smith, and as a potential long term replacement, could be huge. Cam Newton has been great recently, and these Panthers look like a dark horse not just for the division but to cause people real problems in the playoffs too.

Hakeem Nicks to Indianapolis for a 2014 5th round pick

Nicks is an impending free agent and the Giants sit at a measly 2-6. Despite that they are just 2 games from the top of the woeful NFC East but that's no reason to hang onto Nicks. This Giants team isn't going anywhere and they can't afford to keep Nicks, and really have no need to with Reuben Randle providing more than capable of taking over his role. Meanwhile Indy have lost Reggie Wayne for the year which has blunted a dangerous offense. An argument can be made that Indy are the best team in the NFL after their wins against Seattle, San Francisco and Denver, but they'll need a bit more help on the outside if they want to repeat that success in the playoffs.

What are your thoughts? Are these trades that seem realistic and fair? Have we missed any out that you thing could, or should, happen before the deadline? Let us know!

- Toby Durant (@TDOnSport)
- The Pulling Linemen

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