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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Conference Champs Weekend OLR: Route to NOLA

The San Francisco 49ers will meet the Baltimore Ravens in the Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans to fight it out for Superbowl XLVII. It wasn't an easy ride for either team, but in terms of offensive line it was easier for some more than others.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Picking against the Spread - Championship Weekend

Ok, so last weekend wasn't the best, especially on Saturday where not only did I miss both spreads but I didn't get the winners right either thanks to Rahim Moore's unique way of covering a deep third and Dom Capers inability to gameplan. Sunday was better because Russell Wilson and Tom Brady are amazing, I got a bit of help in the Atlanta-Seattle game from Mike Smith and his decision not to go for the 2 point conversion at 26-7 after the Jason Snelling touchdown while New England dominating Houston again.

So this week sees a sunday evening feast of San Francisco @ Atlanta Falcons kicking off at 3pm ET (8pm GMT) and then a repeat of last years AFC Title game with Baltimore going back to Foxboro at 6.30pm ET (11.30pm GMT). The lines might just surprise you too, so let's get into it.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Divisional Round OLR: Truly Offensive Numbers...

The Divisional Round of the playoffs was record breaking in so many ways. There were 44 more points scored in these 4 games than the previous Divisional Round record, Colin Kaepernick broke the single-game rushing record for yards by a QB, and the matchup at Mile High was both the coldest Broncos playoff game in history at -2 Fahrenheit, and also the 4th longest NFL game in history at over 76 minutes of game clock. We very nearly also had a historic OLR day, as with the weekend very much offense focused, nearly every single team in action recorded a positive score in our exclusive Offensive Line Rating system. Almost. Thanks Broncos...

Friday, 11 January 2013

Divisional Round - Picking against the spread

So my 11-0 bid didn't get past Joe Webb on saturday night, which was disappointing. But hey, a 3-1 weekend plus picking all 4 winners shouldn't be sniffed at right!

I can still make it to double digits for the playoffs, and this week sees 2 big lines in the AFC, and 2 very small ones in the NFC. 3 of the 4 games are re-matches from the regular season meaning there's an extra wrinkle in each team's gameplanning and an extra desire to win for the 3 road teams who were rather embarrassed in defeat during the regular season.

There is an awful lot of looking past this week to a potential "Fail Mary" rematch in the NFC and Brady-Manning XIV in the AFC. Is it justified?

NB: Remember, I bare no responsibility for lost money, houses etc caused by the wrongness of my predictions!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

OLR Wild Card Weekend: Houston, No Problems

Now we've hit the post-season, it doesn't mean we're going to start giving Offensive Lines around the NFL an easy ride. Nor are we going to stop crowning our OLs of the week. From the Wild Card round of the playoffs there was one clear winner, the team that finished 12th overall in the NFL in our OLR season wrap up last week, a team that has a trip to New England this week for its troubles.

The winners on Wild Card Weekend are the Houston Texans.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wildcard Round - Picking against the spread

We have just 11 games left this season. 11 games between teams who all won 10 or more regular season games. So with our Prediction League over, and my 2011 crown temporarily in the hands of Thomas Moore (@ThomasMoore27), it's time for me to take things up a notch and aim at the holy grail. Going 11-0 in the playoffs against the spread.

For those who aren't in the know, the spread is a points line that bookmakers set to try and get equal money coming in on both teams. So last week, Denver were 17 point "favourites" against Kansas City. To win a bet by backing Denver, you would need them to win by 18 points or more. Traditionally, 53-55% against the spread is a good rate. Above that and you're doing very well. So to try and go 13-0 is a nearly impossible task, and I'll almost certainly fall at the first hurdle. But why not try?

NB: Anyone using my picks to bet with real money is fully responsible for any broken kneecaps and other physical injuries that may ensue from being incorrect. I'll be using the lines from bet365.com for no reason other than that's where I do my sports betting.

The Pulling Linemen Awards Show 2012

Dust off your black tie, throw on your glad-rags and join us in the most prestigious NFL awards show ever.

After a truly memorable regular season, where we saw a lockout from the regular officials, the rise of the rookie QB, all kinds of all-time records being chased and even broken, it's hard to know where to begin when it comes to doling out awards. Luckily for you, we've done all the hard work for you, and after long hours of intense debate between us, we have finally nailed down the most deserving players to be given that most prestigious of all accolades an NFL players could hope to win - a coveted TPL "Pully" of their very own. Without further ado, we present to you The Pulling Linemen Awards for 2012.

OLR 2012: Ranking the NFLs O-Lines

And so here we have it, the final regular season installment of OLR, and in this roundup of the year so far we reveal who has been the #1 all-round OL unit in the NFL.

If you're a newcomer to OLR, where have you been? Take a look at our original post on the exclusive statistic we've devised that takes into account the OL unit as a whole and their production in both the run and pass game.

Early on in the year it looked like there could only be one winner this season, but with their faltering form late on, some strong contenders emerged from the pack, forcing their way both into the NFL post-season, and into the top spots in the OLR final standings.

Could they catch the team with a Giant lead and steal the #1 spot?