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Monday, 3 September 2012

2012 Pulling Linemen Predictions

Earlier today, we gave you our Week 1 predictions, as part of the UK Inter-Blog Prediction Competition (please, please suggest a catchier title!). But, not content on giving you just one set of predictions to help you while away the time until the 2012 season kicks off, we thought we'd set our sights a little further down the road to make sure you get your fill of clairvoyant goodness. Hit the jump for our predictions of this year's playoff teams, Super Bowl winner and the annual end-of-season awards!

AFC East Patriots (1)

Patriots (1)

Patriots (3)
AFC North Steelers (3)

Ravens (3)

Ravens (2)
AFC South Texans (2)

Texans (2)

Texans (1)
AFC West Chiefs (4)

Chargers (4)

Broncos (4)
AFC Wild Cards Ravens (5)
Bills (6)
Steelers (5)
Bills (6)
Bills (5), Bengals (6)
AFC WC Round Steelers, Ravens

Steelers, Ravens

Patriots, Bills
AFC Div Round Patriots, Texans

Ravens, Patriots

Texans, Patriots
AFC Championship Patriots


NFC East Giants (3)

Redskins (4)

Eagles (3)
NFC North Packers (1)

Packers (1)

Bears (1)
NFC South Saints (4)

Saints (3)

Panthers (4)
NFC West 49ers (2)

49ers (2)

49ers (2)
NFC Wild Cards Bears (5), Lions (6)

Bears (5), Panthers (6)

Packers (5), Redskins (6)
NFC WC Round Bears, Giants

Bears, Saints

Eagles, Packers
NFC Div Round Packers, 49ers

Bears, 49ers

49ers, Packers
NFC Championship Packers


Super Bowl Packers


MVP Tom Brady

Drew Brees

Matt Forte
Offensive Player Tom Brady

Ray Rice

Matt Forte
Defensive Player Patrick Willis

Lance Briggs

Justin Smith
Coach Bill Belichick

John Harbaugh

Gary Kubiak
Comeback Player Peyton Manning

Jamaal Charles

Mario Williams
OROY Russell Wilson

Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III
DROY Luke Kuechly

Melvin Ingram

Chandler Jones

So, how do you think we did? Is a running back really going to win MVP? Can Peyton Manning stay healthy enough to win Comeback Player of the Year? Just how drunk was Phil when he picked the Redskins to win the NFC East?

Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter (@PullingLinemen), or better yet, tell us to our faces in our Facebook group - hope to see you in there!

- The Pulling Linemen

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