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Monday, 28 May 2012

The TPL Top 100 2012 - An Introduction

Introduction | #100-#91 | #90-#81 | #81*-#71 | #70-#61 | #60-#51 | #50-#41 | #40-#31 | #30-#21 | #20-#11

If the 2012 season began tomorrow, who would you want on your team?


It's that time of year, when the sun is in the sky, summer's just around the corner, there 100 days until the 2012 season opener, and the NFL Network are revealing their list of the top one hundred players in the league today, as voted for by current NFL players. So, with the NFL Network at the mid-point of revealing their list, what better time for The Pulling Linemen to release our list of the top 100?

We'll be kicking off our own list in a few hours, with us revealing the players we ranked #100-#91, as written up by Phil; but first, a few quick words about our voting process.

Unlike the NFL Network's list, which doesn't make it clear whether the players are voting on predictions and projections, past merit, or a mixture of the two, our lists are an answer to one simple question:

- If the 2012 season began tomorrow, which players* would you want on your team?

For those interested in that type of thing, we've explained our process for making the list below; but first, a little teaser to wet your appetite before the first group of ten players is posted - here's how our Top 100 breaks down by position:

- 9 Quarterbacks
- 11 Running Backs
- 1 Full Back
- 11 Wide Receivers
- 4 Tight Ends
- 7 Offensive Tackles
- 6 Guards
- 4 Centers
- 10 Defensive Ends
- 7 Defensive Tackles
- 19 Linebackers
- 7 Cornerbacks
- 4 Safeties

Now that we've peaked your curiosity, check back later today, as we reveal the players ranked #100-91 in the TPL Top 100 of 2012. Keep it here with The Pulling Linemen, as we'll be revealing the next group of ten players every day for the next ten days. Disagree with our rankings? Hit us up on twitter (@PullingLinemen), let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page - we'll be responding to the best questions/arguments/insults in a special 'mailbag' post after we've wrapped up our Top 100!

- Gur 'Fred' Samuel (@FredTheGur)
- The Pulling Linemen

* One important point about injured players: we did not rule out players who are injured, unless we believe the injury will seriously affect their playing ability once they return, in which case the injury was taken into effect. For example, all three of us believe that, once Jason Peters' Achilles tendon has healed, his level of play will pick up at the same standard it was before the injury; on the other hand, some of us feel that Peyton Manning's neck injuries will have a significant effect on his level of play and/or effectiveness. As a result, their injuries effect their rankings differently.



We each individually made a list, ranking the 100 players we'd most want on our teams. We then took the lists, and assigned each ranking a point score: being ranked #1 = 100 points, being ranked #2 = 99 points, #3 = 98 points etc., all the way down to a single point for being ranked #100.

With a potential maximum score of 300, we added together the points score for each player, re-ranked them from highest to lowest, and that gave us our final list of the TPL Top 100 for 2012.

Where two players had the same point score, we applied up to three tiebreakers.

  1. Because of the way we compiled the list, some players ended up in the Top 100, despite not appearing on all our individual lists. So, in the event of a tie, the player that appeared on more of our lists received the higher ranking.
  2. If two player with the same point score both appeared on the same number of lists, then whichever player received the highest ranking on any one of our lists, would receive the higher ranking. For example, a player who was ranked individually at 38, 70 & 91 won the tiebreaker over a player who was ranked 56, 66 & 77
  3. Because some players were able to make the TPL Top 100 despite only appearing in one of our individual lists, if there was a tie between two players who each only appeared on one of our lists, then it was up to the third Pulling Lineman to decide which way to break the tie.

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