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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mr Irrelevant - Shot in the Dark!

We've given you our mock drafts, top picks, possible trades and whatnots. What we haven't done, is taken a wild stab in the dark at who might be Mr Irrelevant 2012! "Who cares?" you ask? Not many, but we've decided to make it slightly more interesting.

Gur, Toby and myself are each selecting one prospect who we think might be selected 252nd overall by the Indianapolis Colts. If one of us somehow happens to get it right, the other two guys have to buy him a personalised Colts jersey with Mr Irrelevant's name and number on it. So, long after everyone except the hardest draft fan has stopped watching and listening, here are the three names to look out for as that very last card is handed in:

Phil Selects: Sean Baker, SS, Ball St Cardinals

There we go, he also has good ball security.

I have selected Baker for three simple reasons: 1) The Colts have a pretty horrible secondary, and they'll continue to try to improve it throughout the draft; 2) Sean Baker was a standout at Ball State, earning team MVP honours and performing well in his proday; 3) Ball State is the only college I can think of named after a testicle. I defy you to think of better reasons than those!

Classic linebacker number

Toby Selects:  Shawn Loiseau, ILB, Merrimack

The first and most important question is where the hell is Merrimack!?! According google-pedia it's in Massachusetts, making him close enough to Boston for me to like. Loiseau is a hard nosed linebacker who has apparently been saying how much he enjoys playing special teams, which will definitely help his draft stock. Merrimack have sent a number of players to the NHL but never had anyone drafted by the NFL, which makes them fittingly irrelevant.

Gur Selects: Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State

With the Colts switching to a 3-4 defense, they need guys in the middle. Vontaze Burfict had huge buzz surrounding him entering his junior season; but reports of being a "loose cannon" brought his once-high draft stock into question. His workouts at the combine and at his pro day were appalling - and, worse, he reportedly came off terribly during interviews with teams at Mobile. Add his testing positive for marijuana at the combine, and you have a linebacking prospect who should fall out the bottom of the draft - right?

How the once-mighty have fallen
Not quite. There's a reason Burfict was so highly regarded entering his third season in college, and while he does appear to be a bit of a mess as a human being, there will be several teams out there who will back their coaching staff enough to believe they can draw the best out of Burfict. In fact, there will be enough teams who will believe he's worth picking up as an undrafted free agent that there is a very good a chance a team would rather take him with a very low pick than see him picked up by another team as an UDFA who then go on to coach him up into everything he was once thought to be. There's a very good chance that a team takes him before the Mr Irrelevant selection - but if he's still on the board when the mayor of Indianapolis steps up to the podium, there is every reason to believe that Burfict will be the pick.

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