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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mr Irrelevant - Shot in the Dark!

We've given you our mock drafts, top picks, possible trades and whatnots. What we haven't done, is taken a wild stab in the dark at who might be Mr Irrelevant 2012! "Who cares?" you ask? Not many, but we've decided to make it slightly more interesting.

Gur, Toby and myself are each selecting one prospect who we think might be selected 252nd overall by the Indianapolis Colts. If one of us somehow happens to get it right, the other two guys have to buy him a personalised Colts jersey with Mr Irrelevant's name and number on it. So, long after everyone except the hardest draft fan has stopped watching and listening, here are the three names to look out for as that very last card is handed in:

Friday, 27 April 2012

Gur's Very Last Minute Day 2 Mock

Half an hour until day 2 of the draft kicks off... so what better way to kill the time then with a last-minute mock for rounds 2 and 3?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sosayitisaid's Last Minute Mock

It's draft day everybody! Here is my last shot at working this thing out. All the buzz was about pick 4 in previous weeks, but now it's really on 3. Are the Vikes smokescreening? Yes, says I. And I've only included a modest 5 trades that haven't yet been made...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Toby Durant's final mock

So here it is, after literally minutes of hardcore research, my final and obviously 100% guaranteed to happen mock draft. The first 2 picks are really the only consensus picks this year, after that it's anyone's guess. There are a few trades and surprises in this mock, so sit back and enjoy. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Roundtable: Mock draft

The 3 of us have been producing various mock drafts since the end of the season, and with under 2 weeks to go until Roger Goodell takes to the podium in New York's Radio City Music Hall to declare the Colts on the clock we thought we should all sit down and butt heads in a 2 round mock, taking it in turns to select for the teams. Phil drew the first pick, Toby the 2nd and Gur the 3rd.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Ryan Tannehill Variable

What we have here are 3 mocks for the price of one! The key difference in each one is where Ryan Tannehill gets selected. In Scenario 1 the Browns jump on him straight away at 4th overall, trusting on him to be able to handle the pressure and expectation of being a top 5 pick. Scenario 2 sees Miami grab him at #8. I would consider this an all-or-nothing, win over the fans pick from Jeff Ireland, who has been coming under increasing pressure after recent failings to sign the big names. Scenario 3 sees the Browns pass over Tannehill at first and then sweat it out til #22 to get him.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Under The Radar

In every NFL draft class there a huge variety of personalities. The entertainer, the sure-thing, the physical freak, they all take up the column inches at this time of year. But come April 29th, 253 former college players will have been drafted to NFL teams, and hundreds more will be waiting by the phone to get invited to camp for the summer, to give them one more shot at making the big time. To give you a break from the Luck-RGIII-Blackmon-Claiborne monotony, here’s a quick taste of three names worth looking out for in later rounds, each with their own little back story that deserves some recognition.