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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ramming Them Down Our Throats...

Ok. I need to put some disclaimers at the start of this piece, otherwise what I’m going to say might be taken in a “haters gonna hate” kind of way.

1.    I am a Rams fan living in the UK
2.    I have never seen the Rams play in person
3.    I have been to 3 of the 5 International Series games at Wembley. I couldn’t get tickets for the first, and I didn’t want tickets for the last.

The decision of the NFL to sign a deal with the Rams to send them to Wembley for a home game in each of the next 3 seasons is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. See why I needed the disclaimers?

Friday, 20 January 2012

Championship Weekend: Ranking the units - Defense

I was going to do this position by position like the offense but really there’s no way that would work. Who’s better, Justin Smith or Jason Pierre-Paul? Well they do different things for the defense but are both defensive ends. So I’ve broken it down into front 7 run defense and front 7 pass defense before going on to look at the secondary and special teams.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Championship Weekend: Ranking the units

These are the 4 best teams left this season, but were are they good? Where are the holes on the teams and importantly, how do they compare to those they'll be going against???

In part one I’ll be taking a look on the offensive side of things and how each of the 4 remaining teams positional units match up against one another. This will help us see where the strengths and weaknesses of each team lie, and how they could stack up against each other on the biggest stage of all.

Wildly Specific Playoff Predictions - Championship Round

Wow. I called the AFC alright, but completely whiffed on the NFC. Just before I get in to my wildly specific picks for the Championship games, here’s a quick review of my main hits and misses from last week (definitely more misses).

1. The Patriots dominated Denver, but that was hardly a controversial pick.
2. Ravens and Texans really was close
3. I had 4 of 5 TD scorers right in the Saints-49ers game. Until the last 5 mins
4. And both Guiness and Single Malt scored for GB, shame about Jaeger and VT. Still, I was only 1 yard out on Eli’s total yardage for the game.

1. Tebow had literally nothing. Neither did BJGE.
2. Neither did Ray Rice.
3. Alex Smith did.
4. And there were no Eli pouts.

And so, Conference Champ weekend after the jump!

Friday, 13 January 2012

How to beat a #1 seed

We all know the scenario. You've got to travel to the best team in your conference, after they've had a week off to get healthy and prepare. Just how do you overcome the odds and beat the #1 seed? Well the 2 top seeds this year have experience when it comes to that. Last year New England were the AFC's #1 and got dumped out by their divisional rivals the New York Jets. Green Bay were in the position the Giants now find themselves, walking into the lions den of the NFC with an upset on their mind. So just how do the 2 underdogs go about getting that W?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wildly Specific Playoff Predictions - Divisional Round

Well, I guess I didn’t do too badly with my Wild Card picks. Had everything pretty much in the ballpark until the Steelers forgot how to play football. Whilst we’re on that, I’m officially starting the phrase #ThomasTime, because anyone not blinded by Tebus Christ can see that Demaryius made the play to win the game, Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Adam Weber all would’ve completed that pass too. Anywho, on to my Divisional Round predictions!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wildly Specific Playoff Predictions – Wild Card Round

Fed up with analysts offering up their theories on keys to a game, what teams have to do to win and weak points for oppositions to exploit, but never putting their name to any concrete predictions? Obviously they have “reputations” they want to protect, but luckily I have no such burden, and so will grace you with my wildly specific predictions for the playoffs, starting this week with the Wildcard round.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Pulling Linemen Awards Show

So there's no shiny trophy, but
that's not important...
Well the regular season is done, depressing isn't it. 20 teams have shut down for the year and either patted themselves on the back for a nice try or cried long and hard into the night. Plenty of players will begin to thing about where they'll be next year, if they'll retire or not or whether or not they've made the cut for the Associated Press awards. But before that there are more important awards to hand out. The Pulling Linemen's first annual award. Ok, so it's not as prestigious as many others out there, but we're sure that the winners will give it pride of place on their CV's. Probably.