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Thursday, 1 December 2011

NFL Intro Music and Thursday night picks

We all used to watch WWF (The pandas can suck it, it’s still WWF to us) when we were younger, and remember the times that some idiot would be in the centre of the ring spouting off about how much better than everyone he was, or how the incumbent champ was nothing but a chump. And then the sound of breaking glass and out comes Stone Cold! That feeling of hearing your favourite wrestlers intro music needs to translate to the NFL. So here are our suggestions for certain players, teams and coach’s intro music. Some are funny, others obscure, and some are a little bit close to the mark. Also, our TNF picks.

Larry Fitz is the undisputed king of the
desert state
Ndamukong Suh – Can I Kick It? Tribe Called Quest

Carson Palmer – Back In Black AC/DC

Larry Fitzgerald – Enter Sandman Metallica
Peyton Manning – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now The Smiths ­
Chris Johnson – Money For Nothing Dire Straits
Maurice Jones-Drew – Tiny Dancer Elton John
Tim Tebow – Superstition Stevie Wonder
Steven Jackson – Here I Go Again (On My Own) White Snake
Jay Cutler – Under My Thumb The Rolling Stones
Patrick Willis – Muscle Museum Muse
Aaron Rodgers – Oh My Gosh Basement Jaxx – Undefeated Deaf Leopard
Plaxico Burress – Gimme Back My Bullets Lynyrd Skynyrd
Jacksonville Jaguars – On The Road Again ­­Willie Neslon
This is the only good thing about 2011 in Jacksonville
Bill Belichick – Sympathy For The Devil The Rolling Stones
Cleveland Browns – What Difference Does It Make? The Smiths
Laurence Taylor – What’s (her) Age Again? Blink 182
2005 Vikings – I’m On A Boat The Lonely Island, T Pain
Von Miller – Killing In the Name Of Rage Against The Machine
Houston Texans – SOS Rihanna
Kyle Orton – New In Town Little Boots
Jim Caldwell – I Don’t Like Monday’s The Boomtown Rats
Mark Sanchez – The Pretender Foo Fighters
St. Louis – Dead In The Water Numerous
Picks: Toby Durant; Eagles, Phil Gaskin; Eagles, Gur Samuel; Seahawks.
Got other suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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