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Monday, 5 September 2011

Poetry in Motion

If you want to read
About your team in haiku
Form then read this piece

Arizona Cardinals:

Gave up way too much
For unproven quarterback
Could bite them in ass

Atlanta Falcons:

Dahl gone, McClure hurt
Line could be soft in middle
Turner will not last

Baltimore Ravens:

Rice primed for big year
Defence can help team go far
If Flacco steps up

Buffalo Bills:

Buffalo don’t hav
Much going for them at all
Pick top 10 again

Carolina Panthers:

Beason will play hurt
Injuries on O-line mea
Panthers suck again

Chicago Bears:

Worst line in football?
Just ask Cutler once he comes
Round after that sack

Cincinnati Bengals:

Poor Cincinnati
Losing ways are ingrained ‘cause
Brown can’t run a team

Cleveland Browns:

Colt franchise QB?
Maybe, but new defense will
Need 2 years to gel

Dallas Cowboys:

DBs are suspect
Offense may be good but for
Overhyped Romo

Denver Broncos:

Enough of this bull
College means squat in the pros
Tebow won’t make it

Detroit Lions:

D line damn scary
Beasts in the passing game, but
Stafford made of glass

Green Bay Packers:

Won SB without
Many starters or run game
Real threat to repeat

Houston Texans:

New DC should mean
Instant playoff contenders
Despite Foster hurt

Indianapolis Colts:

If Manning’s hurt nec
Is as bad as reports say
Colts are in trouble

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Jags don’t look too bad
But Gabbert waiting in wings
Could distract too much

Miami Dolphins:

Bush not workhorse back
Henne not good quarterback
Bad times for South Beach

Minnesota Vikings:

Is McNabb past it?
If not then Vikings could take
Some teams by surprise

New England Patriots

Sith Lord in hoodie
Takes on two more fix-em-ups
Still needs a pass rush

New Orleans Saints:

If Gregg Williams’
Defense can cause turnovers
Saints can win it all

New York Giants:

Looked good on paper
Then many on defense hurt
Big Blue disappoint
New York Jets:

Time for Rex to put
His money where his mouth is
Instead of wife’s foot

Oakland Raiders:

Does Al Davis know
Real life is not like Madden?
Speed does not mean wins

Philadelphia Eagles:

Spending lots of cash
Will mean little once Vick has
Gotten himself hurt

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Pass game explosive
Defence will be dominant
Though wallets lighter

San Diego Chargers:

Now that they have got
Best ST coach in the league
Win, or Turner gone

San Francisco 49ers:

QBs, O-line shit
Even though D might be good
Will still pick top 5

St. Louis Rams:

If they don’t win West
And not due to injuries?

Seattle Seahawks:

Built around run game
But line shaky; Seahawks fans
Buy Luck jerseys now

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

If Freeman still grows
And front seven can step up
Playoffs are in sight

Tennessee Titans:

Shelled out for CJ
But Hasselbeck is too old
Won’t make postseason

Washington Redskins:

Zone blocking run game
And 3-4 D has looked good
Still no QB though

- Gur Samuel (@FredThePuppy)
- The Pulling Linemen

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